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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Chubu 2016 (Nagano & Niigata) 長野県と新潟県の旅 - Day 3 Itinerary: Azumino 安曇野, Hakuba 白馬, Happo 八方池

Day 3: 18.10.2016 (Tue)

Breakfast spread served at Kai Matsumoto.
Breakfast: Kai Matsumoto 界松本

Asama Onsen Hot Plaza 浅間温泉ホットプラザ (0818 hrs) > Matsumoto Ekimae 松本駅前 (0843 hrs)
by bus. [360 yen]

Super Hotel Matsumoto Ekimae.
Checked in: Super Hotel Matsumoto Ekimae スーパーホテル松本駅前

Matsumoto JR 松本駅 (0922 hrs) > Hotaka JR 穂高駅 (0952 hrs)
by local train. [320 yen]

Hotaka Shrine.
Visited Hotaka Shrine 穂高神社.

Hotaka JR 穂高駅 (1045 hrs) > Hakuba JR 白馬駅 (1128 hrs)
by Ltd Exp Azusa 3. [1,590 yen]

Hakuba Ekimae 白馬駅前 > Happo Eki八方駅
by taxi. [1,200 yen]

On board Gondola Lift to Usagidaira.
Purchased Happo Alpen Line Round Trip Ticket. [2,900 yen]
Happo Eki 八方駅 > Usagidaira 兎平 by Gondola Lift "Adam".
Usagidaira 兎平 > Kurobishidaira 黒菱平 by Alpen Quad Lift.
Kurobishidaira 黒菱平 > Happo ike Sansou 八方池山荘 by Grat Quad Lift.

Happo ike.
Visited Happo ike八方池.
Walk from Happo ike Sansou to Happo ike took about 90 mins. 

Happo ike Sansou 八方池山荘 > Kurobishidaira 黒菱平 > Usagidaira 兎平 > Happo Eki 八方駅

Happo Eki 八方駅 > Hakuba Ekimae 白馬駅前
by taxi. [1,200 yen]

Hakuba JR 白馬駅 (1639 hrs) > Shinano Omachi JR 信濃大町駅 > Matsumoto JR 松本駅 (1811 hrs)
by local train. [1,140 yen]

Affordable grilled pork rice bowl (たっぷりネギ塩丼) at Matsuya.

Dinner: Matsuya 松屋

Shopping at Ario アリオ.

- End of Day 3 -

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