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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tohoku Solo Trip 2016 東北一人の旅 - Day 10 Itinerary: Oirase Keiryu 奥入瀬渓流, Towada 十和田

Day 10: 21.05.2016 (Sat)

Hotel (0600 hrs) > Ishigedo 石ヶ戸 (0611 hrs)
by hotel free shuttle bus.

Walked from Ishigedo 石ヶ戸 to Sanmidare no nagare 三乱の流れ.

Sanmidare no nagare 三乱の流れ (0637 hrs) > Hotel (0645 hrs)
by hotel free shuttle bus.

Breakfast: Oirase Keiryu Hotel 奥入瀬渓流ホテル

Yakeyama 焼山(0835 hrs) > Shimo Utarube下宇樽部 (0911 hrs)
by JR Bus.

Walked to Kankodai 瞰湖台.

Shimo Utarube 下宇樽部 (1049 hrs) > Towada-ko 十和田湖 休屋 (1058 hrs)
by JR Bus.

Visited Maiden Statue 乙女の像.

Towada-ko 十和田湖 休屋 > Oirase Keiryu Hotel 奥入瀬渓流ホテル
by taxi. [6,150 yen]

Yakeyama 焼山(1236 hrs) > Towada Art Center 十和田現代美術館 (1325 hrs)
by Towada Kanko Tetsudo Bus. [1,020 yen]

Visited Towada Art Center 十和田現代美術館. [510 yen]

Lunch: Cafe & Museum Shop at Towada Art Center.

Visited Art Station Towada アートステーショントワダ.

Towada Art Center 十和田現代美術館 (1647 hrs) > Hachinohe JR 八戸駅 (1735 hrs)
by JR Bus.

Hachinohe JR 八戸駅 (1812 hrs) > Sendai JR 仙台駅 (1929 hrs)
by Hayabusa 32.

Sendai JR 仙台駅 (2000 hrs) > Fukushima JR福島駅 (2022 hrs)
by Yamabiko 56.

Check in: Toyoko Inn Fukushima Eki Higashi Guchi 1 東横イン福島駅東口1

Dinner: Gyoza at Hanashibe はなしべ

- End of Day 10 -

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